Horizon at World's End


(As of 1/13/2017)


Silverbark Box (ALL) – Ice and Raynar find a chest that was deliver to Erim, the High Priest of Lathander in Loudwater. The chest is rigged with traps and reveals a seamless silverbark cube. When the cube is jostled, it emits kinetic force magic. Raneth had blasted it with an Eldritch Blast and the kinetic force destorys the northern wall of Lathander's Temple and the section of the inner guard wall next to it.

Pinpeh Nation (ALL) - Ice unravels an old Pinpeh legend as he finds the ghost of Princess Ahote of the Pinpeh nation being hunted by the ghost of Urkas Dwolynd and his bandit gang. As everyone moves aside to let the nightly hunt for Ahote presume, Mrs. Vonvir traps Ahote in a soul gem. Dwolynd, not seeing or realizing this, assumes that Raneth helped her escape with magic but Ice strikes a deal with Dwolynd to devert him. Ice promises Dwolynd he will find the artifact and return it so that Dwolynd and his gang can finally rest, promising a map to his treasure hoard as a reward. The old Pinpeh village is now a ranch east of Sunstone. Pinpeh Ranch though is reported to be abandoned.

Koschei, the Undying (Raneth & Red) – Volunteering her own soul in lieu of her mother's, Raneth wanders to not only find coin to keep their nurse around but answers to the mystery of her withering mother's life's work and obsession. Raneth encounters Miss Willowby in Loudwater, a Cormyrian scholar who tells her that Koschei now has her soul and answers to her salvation is in an old temple converted into an outpost within the Anauroch desert. Raneth finally accepts her pact outside Dead Man's Ravine, during a moonless night after Sunstone was razed.

Slaad Imposter (Red) - Red has found a slaad tadpole in a well. He suspects there is a corpse at the bottom of the well and the adult slaad has shaped changed into Constale Tzegyr. With the village razed to the ground, there's only one other place to investigate: Pinpeh Ranch.


I Dream In Horseshoes (Raneth & Red) - Collect 35 gold to help Maldranthe establish a horseshoe business.

Spice Navigator (Raneth & Red) - Collect Daargen Vonvir's package from a tiefling merchant in Sunstone.

Dwolynd's Map (Ice) – Recover an ancient Pinpeh artifact, and return in to the ghost of Urkas Dwolynd so he and bandits can finally move on.

Answers to Undying Questions (Raneth) - Seek Armagon at a desert outpost in the Anauroch desert. He will have answers about the lich, Koschei the Undying.


COMPLETED Willowby's Secrets (Raneth) - Visit Miss Willowby in the morning at the manor. 

RESOLVED Pony Express (Raneth & Red); Tegan has taken the ponies as Red's liason - Escort 5 Of Maldranthe's Ponies Safely To Pinpee Ranch, East Of Sunstone, Collect The 10 Silver And Return To Maldranthe's STABLES

COMPLETED Ghost Hunters (Raneth & Red) - Escort Garwynn Vonvir to Dead Man's Ravine and collect evidence of supposed ghost bandits in the area.

RESOLVED Pest Control (Red & Raneth)Finding evidence of slaads in the village well, Red and Raneth are asked to investigate the village as well as the old Pinpeh ranch. 




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