Horizon at World's End

Crimson Footprints

I really don't like the weather up north. It's cold, and downright obnoxiously so when humid. I might be mistaken, but I'm finding the people are all pretty much the same as well, is it me or do the surfs all have the same personality? Who knows. It's been a few years out on the road, and I lost my old journal. Almost every word in it was lies though, which I'm hoping worked, and I won't know unless it doesn't. It's an amateur attempt at misdirection, and I mean literally, as I basically said I'd be traveling southwest after finding the cold insufferable. Although, now that I think on it, I wonder why I didn't just say I was moving north, and actually headed towards the western heartlands. Caravans. If I had but a few more silver, I'd be somewhere warm. Hells, I probably had the time to gather the coin and do as I please. But no, I had to get out right then and there, in a panic. In any case, if what I did worked, whoever is looking for me is headed in the wrong direction, and thinks me stupid enough to drop a journal, and too frail to weather the cold. If not, then all this running about is delaying the inevitable, in which case, I really regret not taking a southwest bound caravan.

I don't want to die in this miserable climate. I don't feel like dying at all, really. But if I really had to choose, I'd meet my end in some Calishite brothel, munching on some date fruit, sun on my skin, with muscles aching after some strenuous "exercise." But much like we don't choose the circumstances we enter this world, we don't really get to choose how we leave it, either. I did however make my choice that day, and in a way I really don't regret it. Now I'm on the run, which is all well and good. Never really fit in back home, or anywhere for that matter. The things everyone seems to do with no problem just chafes me something unimaginable. Being on the run is simple. Keeps you occupied, and makes certain concerns immediate, and not to mention that I'm technically doing better now than I did when I made those attempts at honest living. 

I don't answer to anyone besides my base needs, wants and whims. I meet people, then I move on and forget them, as I'm sure they forget me. No reputations to really worry about. That being said it does get a bit lonely at times. Speaking of which, I may have made a friend. Some half-elf woman I met on a river-boat. A strange one, doesn't look armed or dangerous. So one wonders why a lady like her would be roughing it out on the road. Maybe she's running from something too. Or maybe. . .

. . .Anyway, it could be nothing but I suspect there's more to this little bird than meets the eye. Has proven pretty useful. I really almost feel a bit bad about making her do that thing, but then I remember that no one was hurt. No one that mattered anyway. She helped me put one of the locals to bed, even helped me burn the garbage he was buried in. So it does lead me to wonder what this girl has seen in her life to simply shrug and be complicit in what was just a straight-up piss kicking.

The guy had it coming though. Looming over me with his greased back hair, and his black cloak. "Oh look at me, I can take your stuff because I'm a Zhentarim. Oh no! There's a blade in my back, and I'm dead." Gods everything was so bright, colorful and vivid after that. I do really hope this doesn't make me one of those, you know, murderers. He was going to take Evelyn and I had only just met her. So I ran her right through him.

Oh, and we're to take a fellow Hin to some village to the south to see a Tiefling. I can't wait to see the look on her face, what with her carrying on about demons, and magic and all. Speaking of which, my new companion seemed an awful lot curious about such things as well. Maybe what answers she finds will help me and my situation. But only time will tell, I think. Until then there's at least some work that might get me some coin. I think I might actually pray to Lathander tonight, if just on the off-chance it works and good luck will follow-although I think it's a different god that deals in that. Anyway, getting a bit sleepy but I'll grab some of that stale bread-it tastes surprisingly not terrible. 



I had the feeling I wasn’t too accurate about the manner of the Zhentarim’s death, lol. I’ll just chalk up her faulty memory to the heat of the moment :D Now I’m more curious than ever about Red’s history!

Crimson Footprints
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