Horizon at World's End

Kaylee's Journal
Storm Chasing

An entry in Kaylee's personal journal, prior to meeting Lady Storm.

It's been a long time since I've seen my family, or heard from them. Sometimes, I wonder if it's all worth it. I'm not sure what it is I search for. I had a chance at a safe, stable future. Join the guild, set up my trade, make a name for myself, and then start my own little family. My brothers were following my mother's path, living above their means, chasing after the favor of this high-born Lord and that high-born Lady. They're living in a fancy, that, they are. Harsh reality will catch up with them, sometime.

But, what about me? Am I any different? I was supposed to be my father's pride; his last hope. He always smiled at me through his bushy, crinkly beard. "Kaylee, my little dove," he'd say, time after time, "You're daddy's little girl, arn't ya?" And, it was true. Not only did I love his attention, but I really had a knack for the craft, and I soon found myself going to our shop, to work on my own projects, and it were nighttime, before I knew it. I can still lose myself in it.

As far as my mother – I do love her – but, I never respected her. Still… have I begun chasing after some pointless dream myself? Will I ever find this Lady Storm? From what my friend Stan has told me, she's very important. What could she want from me? Is it to do with her organization? I'd seen her in my father's shop sometimes. She spoke little, and my father treated her like she were royalty. But a strange sort of royalty that were. She didn't look like no Lady to me; at least, not the frilly type my brother's are always going on about. But, I can say, there was a regality about her. A self-respect, and a sense of purpose. I think… I don't know, but I think… that some part of me, deep inside, as much as I love my father, and want to respect his wishes, that part of me needs to see something else, besides a lifetime of tooling leather. I want to see what she's seen. I want to see life through her eyes. If only for a moment. It may be dangerous, but I can't deny the pull any longer. I only hope, one day, my father can forgive me.


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