Horizon at World's End

Raneth's Pact

a visit from Deathless in the Dark

Koschei visits Raneth in her dream to seal their pact, the night after the village is basically razed by fire. Raneth has only a very vague recollection of their meeting, and writes a poem about it.

(I feel a bit weird posting a poem, especially since this style doesn't make sense in the fantasy setting, or for Raneth's personality, but I wanted to capture the creepy feeling and her ambiguous memories, and I'm used to writing free verse, so here we go)


A Visit in the Dark

I sleep at night, with the sounds of breath,


all around me,

and yet, I am alone.

Then, our shelter is torn away, and there is no one around, and



between myself and the night.

It dazzles me, how huge and bright with stars the space is, 
and I wrap my arms around my bare shoulders.

I hear something, calling to me.

It is the sound of worms making their way through damp earth,

of the body's last sigh.

I can't understand what this voice is saying.

I don't know what it wants.

But it wants something from me. And I am powerless to resist.

So I make a promise I can't remember. But it's burned on my heart.

when i wake, i see the sun

it hits my skin, and i shiver

whatever i was before,

goodbye to her


I had a bit of a “holy sh*t, that’s metal” moment when you mentioned the worms.

Is Raneth’s journal gonna get more dark?

Raneth's Pact

I hope so. Let’s wait and see…

Raneth's Pact
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