Horizon at World's End

What Now?

This is not how I envisioned my first trip out into the world would be. It started out well enough when I met my companions Stan and Kaylee, those two I would stand by no matter what.
Karsh is a bit unusual in his ways, and I definitely don't care for his choices and brashness,but I will work with him to get the parties goals done. The Dragon Born would seem to be the
catalyst to the problems that we now find ourselves in, but make no mistake, we were targets the second we set foot in Balders Gate.
I was blessed when my God came to me in a time of need, I felt his calling and became a warrior for him instead of just a healer as I had been. Now I think there may of been some purpose in that, that he gave me that gift because he knew of my masters treachery and perhaps someday I can replace my master in his service. My God did not give that to me so I can sit in a jail cell and waste years.  I have been praying every night for guidance to help me see the truth, I can not believe that what my master did was for the greater good  and in the name of Rillifane Rallathil. What he is doing is part of what is terribly wrong with Balders Gate.
I need to know if I am right, if he has broken his Sacred Oath. If he has I will take the Sacred Oath Of Vengence myself, against all evil and him in particular. For now I must do the best I can to help us get out of the city safely, perhaps the priest I have come to know in the temple could help.



Awesome! Everybody’s posting. Can’t wait to find out what’s behind all this mystery!

What Now?
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