Horizon at World's End

Saga of Savagery: Chapter I

Karsh's Journal

    Saga of Savagery
    Chapter I

    To the hells with this city and its people! They call me some savage, and say that I'm to be caged for thirty years for my supposed crimes. Yet these city people hide on rooftops and fire at us with bows, ambushing us. They burn down the home of that woman with her in it, no less, for trying to convince the stuffy shits in this "upper city" that what we did wasn't "murder."

    I didn't see her fall, but when I managed to get myself up to the roof, I couldn't see Kaylee. I counted her dead. Stan and his pointy-eared friend were being menaced by the men that shot at us. Three of them, three of us-except Finn looked quite worse for wear. This was no fist-fight in a ring with healers at the ready. This wasn't my hunting grounds, and it certainly wasn't my fight. There wasn't a thing I could do. Well, there might have been but I didn't and these are shifted sands after the storm anyway. So I sat there, getting soaked in the rain and watched their exchange. Filthy cowards, and I didn't have the stomach to face them. What does that make Karsh, I wonder? 

    A pox on Baldur's Gate. There won't be a trial, and I won't be caged just because some pompous, limp-wristed city folk want to be entertained. Stan says we're leaving, and it's about bloody time. I just hope that he knows a way out, because I'm thinking there's a lucky guard around here who will die for our freedom, whether he volunteers or not.

    Not all bad news, we found Kaylee. Her body, at least. Paid a priest just about every shiny we had left to bring her back. She isn't quite the same but the priest says this is normal. Perhaps it is like those stories, where if you bury the dead among pets, they come back…but wrong somehow. I will have to keep an eye out.

    Oh, and my family and the entire tribe has been wiped off the face of this world. Overall, I'd say today's a win. But seriously, I'm going to find the one who did this, and make him watch while I burn his family alive before leaving him to wander without the means to start a new one.

   It also seems as though we won't be saving the crazy girl languishing in the cells. That's a word Finn taught me, and it sounds right for some reason. At least he's good for something, oh that and good at being betrayed by his father. I shouldn't find it funny, but I really can't help it. The look on his churchy face was priceless.

    I really do hope we can get out of this wretched (that's another fun word) pit of vipers alive. 


This was great! I love seeing in-game things from another perspective. I like the honesty about Karsh hiding from the enemy (believe me, I’ve been thinking about how Kaylee walked right into that arrow, and wish I’d realized how vulnerable she was… and you guys spent all your hard earned coin to bring her back, I’m really thankful for that. I’ve been researching how NOT to get your character killed, lol) I’ll be looking forward to more from Karsh.

Saga of Savagery: Chapter I
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