Horizon at World's End

Kaylee's Journal - 2nd Entry

What dreams may come...

I can't remember anything. I woke up in a temple. They told me what happened, but it's all a blur. I don't believe them. They told me we were ambushed; threatened.

They told me that I… I'd…


I don't believe them.

It's impossible.

And yet,

I can feel the scar on my back. It's too deep.

And I can see… I can see you there…

I can't deny it any longer.

Stan. Finn. Karsh. They saved me. I owe them my life, in every sense of the word.

When I sleep, I wake up, screaming, from dreams I can't recall. My days are spent in a fog. They say when you, when you've been to the other side, that you can see those who've passed. I can't believe it… no, I won't… not you… you can't be… you just can't!

If I'd known, I never would have left, never!

I'm so sorry. If I'd just stayed home, you wouldn't have- maybe I could have done something. And what about Mother? And my brothers? What are they to do now? Father, if there were any time I needed your help, it would be now. I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life. And now they're telling us to take the prison term! Is there any other way out of this? These damn lawyers, they do nothing. Either that, or they've been paid off. God's damn them! I need to find Lady Storm. Maybe she can help, maybe, maybe the Harpers… I don't know where else to turn, or who to trust. We are all in terrible danger.


Nicely done. This totally makes me want to write a journal as Karsh.

Keep it up, I really want to see what makes Kaylee tick as the campaign progresses.

Kaylee's Journal - 2nd Entry

Thanks! OMG, I would luuuuuuvvv to see a Karsh journal (and all the characters, for that matter!) or any other creative things you guys would put up here, like stories from the character’s pasts, etc.

Lol, it’s easier for me to write Kaylee in hindsight than think as her, realtime, but I’m hoping that getting “closer” to her by examining her thoughts will help me during the game, as well.

Kaylee's Journal - 2nd Entry
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