Horizon at World's End

Honor among thieves?

What just happened....?

Since this all started I've had a nagging feeling that things weren't right. There were things we've encountered that just didn't sit right…other things that were implied…and other things that were said to us. This "thing" that's going on with the three factions…no, make it four factions if you include the Emerald Enclave and the Mages Guild has changed this city. Not in a good way.

I should have gotten the group out of the city once that dear old lady's inn was scraped clean of any evidence. Then I should have gotten us out after we were bailed out of jail. Then I should have drop tailed it out when I got the ump-teenth warning that "bigger things were going on"…what a bunch of BS. We were made scapegoats. End of story…

The "Hand"…Turned on me…Finn's adoptive "father" leads something powerful enough to make an example of Kaylee to me!? If I didn't know better I'd say someone or something really wants us out of Baldur's Gate. I'm wracking my brain thinking of two things…First, how to get us out of here. Second…how long it will take me to get revenge on Finn's "father" and whatever Guildmaster runs the Baldur's Gate Thieves Guild. It might take years…hell it might take decades…

But I swear by Brandobaris that I'll take out every lieutenant all the way up to the Guildmaster. This guild will be remade the "right" way. 

You know, before this I wasn't the biggest fan of the "violent" thief. Anyone can be a thug…but it takes finesse, brains, and skill to truly become successful at your chosen trade. I vow to work on my footwork, precision with my blades, and to learn how to use two blades at once against any and all comers. I will not be a victim like so many of those that my "brethren" have preyed upon.

If the Guild doesn't want me…fine. I'll do everything possible to become the "one" the guild regrets hanging out to dry. There's a big old world out there…it's time to start taking my share of its treasures…


Stan’s logging, too! This is great. I love this turning point in his ambitions. I’m really feeling a change is in the air sort of vibe. I hope they (we) can make it out in one piece!

Honor among thieves?

Ha! Yeah…Stan’s ambitions have definitely changed. His mindset of frivolous minor pick-pocketing and racketeering is gone. He’s been “almost” killed twice in one month. That’s more than enough…It’s time he changed gears…Stan doesn’t plan on being the “weakest link” in combat any longer. While still a rogue…a lovable one at that…this last adventure changed something inside him intrinsically. Perhaps it woke up a darker side he didn’t know was there…or perhaps it woke up his senses to the bigger, more despicable world. First Kaylee’s father, then Karsh’s entire family being wiped out, then Fin’s adoptive father turning? This is too much for a happy go lucky street urchin with fast hands and a quick wit. No…when you take out someone’s family to hide your actions…you’re a coward. You’re not going to scare Stan with violence.

In Stan’s mind, there was always another way besides violence…now though…his mind has been changed for him. If the universe wants to play rough…Stan’s going to play rough also…

Honor among thieves?

Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends. Yes; your thoughts betray you. Your feelings for them are strong.

Honor among thieves?

Come to the Dark Side Kaylee…

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Honor among thieves?
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